Best Way To Detox Your Body

Every day we eat a lot of food some foods are healthy and on the weekends or at a party we sometimes eat really unhealthy food depends on a person to person any way we put toxic material in our body through this unhealthy food which needs to flush it out from the body time to time if we do not flush out these toxic waste from the body on time we will get some really bad health issues in the future which we don’t want it. I’m going to explain this through a mindmap

When we go out for some work what is the first thing we do when we come back at home is what we take a bath to get the dust off from the body of if you are too lazy for that at least you wash off your face and hands. otherwise, we feel very unhygienic and even if we don’t go out for anything we took a bath at least once in a day to feel fresh to feel good like the same way we eat all 7 days in a week at least 2 times in a day there are many toxins comes in our body which needs to flush it out time to time now that we understand the need to detox your body here are the best ways you can do it. this is the link of my Youtube Video where I explain this in audio format in case you are tired of reading a big article

1 – Drink at least 5 liters of water every day – I have seen there are many people who do not drink enough water daily. water is the most essential drink on the planet for everyone water help to flush out toxic waste from the body.

2 – Body Workout – You must have invested 1 to 2 hours every day in anybody’s exercise like yoga, workout, playing any sports.

3 – Take a full day fast once in a week –  Taking fast is an ancient technique of India and China to flush out all the waste from the body and give rest to our digestive system to work effectively. fast not just only detox your body but also improve the overall health from blood sugar level to stress-free

4 – Avoid Eating too much meat – I know meat is very tasty being a non-vegitarien I know much much it taste good but avoid eating too much because nonveg food took 2 to 3 days to digest fully in the body and it also toxic to your body if you eat too much of it.

5 – Juice up the body –  Drink Healthy juices every day it will have immense benefits on the health.

6 – Oil Pulling – Oil Pulling is also a very old technique of the Indian Culture to detox your body oil pulling is just a small exercise which you do first thing in the morning that you take some oil any kind of natural oil and put in your mount and keep moving in your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes and then through it out.

7 – Multivitamins – Buy any good multivitamin from a good brand I suggest Amway and take 1 tablet of it every day before or with the lunch.

8 – Intermediate Fasting Dite – Now even science approves that people who do intermediate fasting have a most healthy life it looks difficult in the starting but it’s not and has many benefits it is nothing it’s just that out of 24 hours whatever you ear you eat only in 8 hours of the bracket rest 16 hours you stay hungry.

9 – Cardio –  Do high-intensity cardio once in a week it will help you a lot in weight loss also and in detox your body.


I hope my blog helps you with getting healthy.



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