Best Way To Detox Your Body

Every day we eat a lot of food some foods are healthy and on the weekends or at a party we sometimes eat really unhealthy food depends on a person to person any way we put toxic material in our body through this unhealthy food which needs to flush it out from the body time to time if we do not flush out these toxic waste from the body on time we will get some really bad health issues in the future which we don’t want it. I’m going to explain this through a mindmap

When we go out for some work what is the first thing we do when we come back at home is what we take a bath to get the dust off from the body of if you are too lazy for that at least you wash off your face and hands. otherwise, we feel very unhygienic and even if we don’t go out for anything we took a bath at least once in a day to feel fresh to feel good like the same way we eat all 7 days in a week at least 2 times in a day there are many toxins comes in our body which needs to flush it out time to time now that we understand the need to detox your body here are the best ways you can do it. this is the link of my Youtube Video where I explain this in audio format in case you are tired of reading a big article

1 – Drink at least 5 liters of water every day – I have seen there are many people who do not drink enough water daily. water is the most essential drink on the planet for everyone water help to flush out toxic waste from the body.

2 – Body Workout – You must have invested 1 to 2 hours every day in anybody’s exercise like yoga, workout, playing any sports.

3 – Take a full day fast once in a week –  Taking fast is an ancient technique of India and China to flush out all the waste from the body and give rest to our digestive system to work effectively. fast not just only detox your body but also improve the overall health from blood sugar level to stress-free

4 – Avoid Eating too much meat – I know meat is very tasty being a non-vegitarien I know much much it taste good but avoid eating too much because nonveg food took 2 to 3 days to digest fully in the body and it also toxic to your body if you eat too much of it.

5 – Juice up the body –  Drink Healthy juices every day it will have immense benefits on the health.

6 – Oil Pulling – Oil Pulling is also a very old technique of the Indian Culture to detox your body oil pulling is just a small exercise which you do first thing in the morning that you take some oil any kind of natural oil and put in your mount and keep moving in your mouth for 5 to 10 minutes and then through it out.

7 – Multivitamins – Buy any good multivitamin from a good brand I suggest Amway and take 1 tablet of it every day before or with the lunch.

8 – Intermediate Fasting Dite – Now even science approves that people who do intermediate fasting have a most healthy life it looks difficult in the starting but it’s not and has many benefits it is nothing it’s just that out of 24 hours whatever you ear you eat only in 8 hours of the bracket rest 16 hours you stay hungry.

9 – Cardio –  Do high-intensity cardio once in a week it will help you a lot in weight loss also and in detox your body.


I hope my blog helps you with getting healthy.



Digital Marketing -The Recession Proof Career

Is Your Career Recession-Proof?

Hello, my name is Mudit Bhatia and I am a graduate student currently preparing for the MBA entrance exams and learning Digital Marketing from the DigitalDeepak sir Internship program and this is what I have learned and my own analysis about the Digital Marketing. Now, this is the big question to ask from yourself that whatever the job you are doing is it gonna last for the next 10 years or more. whatever your answer is according to me we have to learn new skills rapidly today if we want to have a safe career in the future. because we are not working the way our father was working and our child will not gonna work the way we are working today. according to the statistics in the next 10 years, 80 % of the current jobs will vanish. ex. we all know that electronic vehicle is the future it is more reliable more efficient more cost-effective but as the market of the electronic vehicle grow another market will slow down. which market? the market of car oil, the engine oil will come down because the electronic vehicle doesn’t need any of this so if today these companies who produce engine oil and car oil observe this and start focusing on the batteries which will gonna use in the electronic vehicle they will see their company grow enormously. but if they have a mindset that things will be going to work like the way it is working right now they will end up like Nokia. Nokia refuses to adapt the change and change is the only constant thing in life.

Digital marketing is not the only skill that is out there to learn there is n number of skills to learn to have a better future like ex. data science, Artificial Intelligence, and many more but I particularly choose digital marketing because it’s fundamental is based on the human psychology concept which is matter what a scientist or a layman creates. there is always a need for a person who can tell the people and get the product sell out. Digital Marketing is just a part of a big marketing funnel because today people use more Internat then ever and year by year it’s gonna go up. now one by one I will share what I have learned so far about Marketing and Digital Marketing I will help you to understand more about this beautiful skill and make you rich.

My Plan To Make 1 Crore Profile In The Next 1 – 2 Years

Now making 1 cr seems very difficult but I think with the population of more than 100 crores in the country it’s now that difficult thing to do many people with the right mindset and skills are doing it and many will do. so if other people can do it so am I can do it

Well It’s simple mathematics I do not need to explain a lot on this what I’m going to explain is which part of this graph I will gonna choose to make 1 cr in the starting stage of my career. I will choose 2nd from the right I just need 10,000 customers to make 1 cr for that I need to develop a product or service which coast me 1000 and then have to sell it for Rs- 2000 to 10,000 customers. well, what is the product or service I’m going to develop it needs to figure it out but I believe that people are willing to pay if they got the quality product or service well in today’s blog I’m going to discuss more on how It’s going to happen. and why Digital Marketing is so important.

The Law/ Fundamentals Of Marketing.


  • Many people say that a good marketer is a creative person.but that is not the truth marketing is more of a science and less of creativity. creativity helps when you do something in freestyle ex. you are a rapper then there is not a particular way where you wrote the rap you write your rap with the help of your creative mind and it could be anything as you like but marketing is a science that needs to understand.
  • Many people think that once they create the product or service then they will think about how to market the product but marketing start long before a product is created it starts with the understanding of customers need and wants and then creates the product according to it.
  • Every time marketing is just not about selling out the product it is also about keeping the old customers happy and retain the revenue from the old customers time after time.
  • The only way is to keep old customers happy and remain stick to your product is to build a Mass Trust among your new and existing customers by taking regular feedback, improving after service quality, updating the product from time to time.
  • Marketing is a means to an end. the goal of the marketing is to capture a position in the market and become the leader of that particular segment like Apple, Google, BMW
  • The level of energy and enthusiasm in you and your employees have for the marketing of the product is determined only by one thing and that the quality of your product.have high standards and build the best quality product you have even seen in the segment you are. once you and your employees know that you have the best product in the market then the level of energy and confidence will automatically go up because you know that you are not making a fool out of people by selling your cheap quality product.

Why Invest Time & Energy In Learning Marketing

I have said this before and I will say this again that marketing is a skill which is rooted in human psychology and no matter how much technology will evolve there is always a need a human to make a human connection. robots don’t have feelings and emotions they can’t make a human connection. so if you know how to market and sell you have a safe career.

The Importance Of Communication Skills

Now the thing is that no matter what you do whether a business, Job, Profession or anything in the world the most important necessary skill everyone should have is communication. by communication, I do not mean you should speak like Shashi Tharoor that when you start speaking people open the English dictionary. good communication means you reach out to the maximum people you can Yes with your language skill but more than that you need to have a clear vision and an open mind to observe and listen to people what they want instead of what you want for them. with good communication, you can make a good connection with the people who are needed for good marketing.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

Some concepts of traditional marketing have vanished today mostly like a door to door marketing but some of it is still alive and will stay there for a longer time like Tv advertisement, Radio ad, Hooding in the highways, digital screen ad on the big buildings. these traditional marketing techniques work well even today because it has a huge reach to millions of people at the same time. India has tv’s in 197 million homes at an average of  4-5 members per family. it means tv has a reach of 800 million to 1 billion people while 627 million people in India have an internet connection. and most of the population lives in the top 10 cities in the country. you may see or may not see an ad on the internet but if you go to college and in between your way to college a multiplex building is there and have a digital screen where the ad is going on then you cannot ignore that ad. for a generic product with a wide target tv ad can reach millions of people at a low cost. Digital Marketing is the future because the numbers of internet users grow rapidly in the past years and will grow more intensely in the future.

CATT Marketing Funnel

[N] Niche – Before starting any business you need to figure out what will be your particular area of business that you going to offer in the market. the success of your business and growth totally depends on your niche if you choose a market where the demand for a product is high and you are working hard on your product then you will find ways to compete in the market but if your product is good but there is no market for it then there is no use of your product ( ex. If today I make the best flower pot in the country then there is a huge market for me outside but if I make the best artificial flowers in the country the market is low for my product )
[C] Content – Content is the KING no doubt about it you have to create useful and easy to understand content about your product and service which can be read by all target audience to understand and have a clear vision about what you are selling. by blog posting, videos, lead magnet, live webinar, etc.
[A] Attention – Now you have a niche, content is ready it’s time for you to gain the attention of your target audience by digital marketing and in digital marketing, you can choose various mediums like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Aids, and Referrals.
[T] Trust – Trust is the factor that cannot be ignored for long term consistent growth. trust is the only factor which drives your product through the hardships in the market when people belives in you and your principles of doing business they more have an emotional connection with you.and if a time comes when things are not working in your favor then you reach to the people and they will help you because of the Mass Trust you had built with your audience over the years. techniques that you can follow to build the trust are marketing automation, after service, extended warranty, etc.
[T] Transaction – Now that you have done everything in the correct way it’s time to make money convert your traffic into sales through  natural sales method,
The Cycle goes on and on in the same way as long as you kicking business.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Just imagine Mike Tyson is fighting for the world heavyweight championship. all the time he is just defending himself or all the time he is just throwing punches on the opponent will he be able to win the fight a Big No because it’s not going to work like this way he has to mix it up every technique he learned by his hard work some times he has to defend and sometimes he has to throw punches on the opponent when the time is right. like the same, if you just follow one same technique Like SEO for your content it will not give you the result you want out of it. it might give you some leads but not a big one so to win the big fight in the market you have to market your content through integrated digital marketing technique from Email Marketing to Social Media Marketing it will give you big results. and the procedure will go on in the same way.

Personal Branding MassTrust Blueprint

You must have noticed this and if you haven’t till now just see this that many people have more following then their company or the brand they work for example. Michel  Jourdan has more following then Nike as he the brand ambassador of Nike since the inception but still people know Nike by the name of Michel Jourdan. This is the power of the personal branding the best-known beat the best all the time because people want to hear from the people not from the brand that is the reason you see the big company make the brand ambassador out of people who is more and more popular than people who are more educated. So if personal branding is so important then how it going to evolve a person from unknown to known?

  • Learn – First thing first if you want to earn then first you have to learn. learn a new skill and become master in it your popularity depends on only this single thing that how much you are good at what you are doing. If I ask you who is the world best basketball player spontaneously you say, Michel Jourdan even if you have zero knowledge about basketball because Michel Jourdan works hard so much in his skill now people treat him like the God of basketball Simerly Sachin Tendulkar, Christiano Ronaldo, Mohamad Ali, Mukesh Ambani are the few more names in the industry.


  • Work – Become a master in a particular skill cannot happen in a day or two it requires a lot of hard work, patience it’s a journey science day it requires 10,000 hours of practice to become extraordinary in a skill so you can take up a job/ freelance / live project to sharpen your skill


  • Blog – Write a lot about what you have learned and learning writing gives clarity in your thought  and vision as it calms down your nervous system and you think more and more when you wright



  • Consult – Now that you are not a new baby in the market you have the gain skill and your personal brand is growing also you have some experience of the market you can consult other people who are new in the game and charge according to your skill and experience.



  • Mentor – Mentor other who like the way you work and your ethics of doing business more you teach more your knowledge to multiply this is the best way to polish  your skills


  • Startup – Start your own product or service with the skill and knowledge you have gained throughout the time as your popularity grow your business will also grow enormously.


Conclusion – The conclusion is very simple that you have to work hard very hard in a smart way if you want to make a fortune for you and your family success is not the easy thing but who wants easy success because without sweat and blood no success is worth it neither it will be going to last for a long time. Digital Marketing is one of the future skill and it will help everyone doesn’t matter what you do if you learn there is no harm in it. your personal branding is very important as it will be built trust in the people and it can not be forgotten by any mean and the last but not the least your product is your only weapon sharp it if you want to win the big fight
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Why Digital Marketing Is The Best Solution For Business Growth ?

So this is the question to ask and answer by the business owners themself. if you just look around yourself the time you wake up in the morning and by the time you go to sleep you open any of these social media platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter ) at least 100 times. yes, it seems like a big number but if you start counting it will probably more then 100. so like you also there are millions of people do the same thing every day so don’t you think that making your business presence on these platforms will help your business to grow rapidly if it’s done properly. to help you out on this I’m here at your service my name is Mudit Bhatia and in a business graduate student and born and brought up in a business family I have seen my father doing business from the day I born and I learn so much from him but as I say today world is different and my father doesn’t have the digital skill to teach me but he thought me the right strategies to grow business from his experience and as I belong from the 90’s kid superb generation I learn all the digital marketing platform from the industry experts so let me help you and let grow your business together.


Digital Mudit